Money & Mindset: Disrupting the SubPrime Lending Space


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Show Overview:

Marla Blow, Founder of FS Card, a startup credit card company, discusses disrupting the subprime lending space and providing better debt solutions. Marla describes her entrepreneurial journey from early stage to her successful sale to a strategic acquirer in December 2018.


About GFGF:

The Get Found Get Funded podcast is at the intersection of entrepreneurship and social justice where we focus on entrepreneurship as a possible path to wealth creation — specifically for Black and Latinx communities.


Featured Guest: Marla Blow 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Just because a method or idea is unconventional doesn’t mean you can’t pursue it. 
  • You will make mistakes, learn from them.
  • Make a business that you would want to work at.   



01:00  Introduction 

04:45  The withdraw 

06:10   Defining the subprime market 

09:20  What sets FS Card apart?

16:32   Lessons Marla has learned.  

20:50  Interest rate

25:35   Making mistakes and recovering from them.

30:20. When did Marla know to walk away, and how it affected her.  

38:20  The award winning creative side of FS Card. 

46:27   Starting a business while being a new mother. 


Items Mentioned in the Show:

FS Card


Quotes from the Show:

  • “Create community around [finance].... If you start talking to people and realizing how common some of the experiences that are out there, it would really make people feel a lot more kinship and camaraderie.”
  • “If you find yourself thinking someone needs to do something about this that’s an opportunity”
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