Get Found Get Funded takes pride in featuring companies led by entrepreneurs...

…that are generally under-represented in the startup space.  Although Get Found Get Funded is supportive of *all* entrepreneurs, we feature those on the show that are eligible for Angel and VC funding.  We understand this is a small subset of entrepreneurs; however, our focus is on changing the startup space to be more inclusive for all and we are starting by shining a light on this particular space.

For example, while data shows that women’s entrepreneurship is on the rise, women still face disproportionate challenges gaining access to capital and other resources that businesses need to thrive. On average, women start their businesses with half the capital of men.

According to Project Diane, women of color face even greater barriers. Of 10,284 venture deals funded from 2012-2014, just 24 involved startups led by black women—about 0.2 percent.

One study showed just 13% of all startups receiving VC funding have any person of color as a founder.

With regard to the LGBTQ community, while there is little data, a recent study found that over one-third of founders who identify as LGBT do not come out to their investors.

In short, there is a huge need for support and resources for these underrepresented groups.  Getting funding is difficult enough for a startup, and these factors can make it even more difficult to succeed.

Our Mission

Get Found Get Funded works to mobilize and close the diversity gap in funding and resources for startups and businesses by providing advice and insight on how to raise the capital they need to help grow and scale their businesses, while creating more exposure for their brand and providing connections to resources and mentorship.

Kristina Francis

As a change agent, Kristina leads through grace and optimism. Her mission is to transform traditional systems and increase job/career, funding, and educational opportunities for women and children.

Prior to founding EsteemLogic, a business advisory and training firm, Kristina spent over 18 years in positions of increasing responsibility with top tier management consulting firms.

In her last corporate role, Kristina served as Director of Systems Development and Cyber. Kristina is active in the community serving as a Member of Pipeline Angels(Angel Group), Board Chair for Black Girl Ventures, Venture Board Committee member of Vinetta Project (DC Chapter), and participant in workforce/education roundtables and planning committees.

Kristina received her BA from Georgetown University (Psychology) and MIS from George Washington University (Information Systems). Kristina is married to Elliott (17 years) and mother of Nyla(13), Evan(12).

Aurelia Flores

Aurelia Flores has been thinking, speaking and writing about the tool of entrepreneurship for empowerment, self-determination and wealth building for over 20 years.  For her, this journey began in 1997 in Mexico City while on a Fulbright Fellowship working with an NGO supporting micro-enterprises. 

She is currently an entrepreneur herself, co-leading a digital marketing agency focused on using technology and data tools.  She previously practiced business and IP law for nearly 20 years.

Aurelia is also an angel investor, has co-founded an angel group, and is a mentor in the startup space. 

She has her undergraduate degree in Sociology (with extensive coursework in Economics) from the Colorado College and her J.D. from Stanford Law School.

Aurelia is also a proud mother of her son, Angelo (age 33) and her daughter, Nayeli (age 6)

Xina Eiland

Xina Eiland, President and CEO of X+PR, is a visionary leader and recognized authority in multicultural communications and digital media. 

Xina brings a wealth of experience to clients, helping them effectively connect with diverse and hard to reach populations. Her dedication and tenacity, complemented by energy and drive, have earned her a well-deserved reputation as an innovator who gets the best results. 

In partnership with the Women in Tech Campaign, Xina launched UNMUTE, a program that arms the workforce with the tools to initiate, navigate, and hold productive conversations around systemic racism, both inside and outside of the organization.

As a PR storyteller, X+PR has achieved great success in all areas of the public relations arena. X+PR has worked with numerous and diverse clients Washington, D.C. Mayor’s Office on Innovation, Ford Motor Company Fund and Google.


McKeever “Mac” Conwell II is the founder and managing partner of RareBreed Ventures. He is a supporter of underrepresented founders.  Hacker turned Hustler.  Mac is a former software engineer and two-time founder. Recovering Entrepreneur. One of Mac’s companies failed, the other went on to a successful exit.


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