The Importance of Advocating For Women Entrepreneurs


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Show Overview:

National Women’s Business Council Chair, Liz Sara, discusses the council created to serve as an independent source of advice and policy recommendation to the president, Congress, and the U.S. Small Business Administration on economic issues of importance to women business owners. This esteemed council advises on issues of impact and importance to women entrepreneurs and business owners via Data, Research, Engagement, News, Resources, Annual Reports.


About GFGF:

The Get Found Get Funded podcast is at the intersection of entrepreneurship and social justice where we focus on entrepreneurship as a possible path to wealth creation — specifically for Black and Latinx communities.


Featured Guest: Liz Sara

Liz Sara is an entrepreneur, business leader, angel investor and arts advocate. Liz Sara is also the Founder and President of Best Marketing, LLC, where she consults for more than 90 small businesses in the high-tech sector.


Key Takeaways: 

  • How you market is just as, if not more important than what you market.
  • When you’re marketing your product, try to think like someone who has a problem that your product would solve. 
  • With an innovative product or idea, oftentimes, your core market needs to be educated on what you have to offer and how it can improve or change their life.
  • Innovation is hard to sell but key to a fruitful career that stays one step ahead. 
  • If you know how to market your innovation you are set.
  • Think in terms of educating your market and market in terms of problem-solving.



01:10 Jill’s background.

06:26 Founding IFEL.

08:45 The importance of relationship capital.

15:45 The distinction between small business owner and entrepreneur.

20:26 An example of lack of exposure.

28:40 The making of a Black Angel.

38:44 On The Color of Law.

51:21 Building wealth in the Black community.

55:32 More on what IFEL does.

1:00:59 The importance of investing in the Black community (as opposed to donations.)

1:05:06 Black Excellence.


Items Mentioned in the Show:


United Press International 

America Online (AOL) 

Quotes From The Show:

  • “One of the few things that I decided and made a concerted effort to do was get into the technology industry. And that was back in the early 80s, when technology was really just getting started. And the PC was just starting to become a business tool. Certainly not a consumer tool because no one had a PC at home.”
  • “Many of the roles that I took on and was invited to participate in, were in tech companies that were really pioneering, very disruptive and very different things to help businesses, process better function better, operate better, make more money at less cost.”
  • “While I'm very excited about the impact that technology can have on all of us as consumers, or on organizations and institutions and the government, to me.”
  • “It's not about the technology itself. It's about what is the value of that technology? What are the benefits that it bestows on the users of that technology?”
  • “It's really about how to interpret what that technology delivers to a particular audience, and being able to adequately communicate that value in that benefit to those people or those organizations so they decide they just can't live without that.”
  • “The challenge there was to educate the market that they needed something that was never before available, and to show how having real time news was going to put them a step ahead of their competition and give them information sooner, that they could act on to make better decisions in their role for their company.”
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