Angel Investing 101: Rashad Moore on navigating the high-risk world of angel investing.


Angel investing can be a daunting space for new or aspiring angels. Score 3 Angels founder and Managing Partner Rashad Moore joins the hosts to help demystify angel investing and explores ways to invest safely and build your portfolio.

You ever wanted to become an Angel investor but have no idea how to begin? Then we got something in store for you. Score 3’s own Rashad Moore joins the ladies in an episode that will breakdown how he began Angel Investing. We discuss how do you meet the requirements to be an accredited investor (13:54), Rashad’s rule of thumb (31:48), the Fair Shot Doctrine (41:09), and his love for Romcoms.

About the show:

Welcome to Get Found, Get Funded – a podcast all about creating visibility, paths for growth, and opportunity for entrepreneurs. We focus on those entrepreneurs who are statistically underrepresented in the startup ecosystem. Your hosts are Xina Eiland, President of X+PR, a media relations agency, angel investor Aurelia Flores, managing member of Athena Digital Media Group, a digital marketing agency, and angel investor Kristina Francis, president of EsteemLogic, an information technology, consulting, and training firm. In each episode, you will meet a new startup founder, hear about their company, and where they are now. We then focus on one key challenge facing that entrepreneur, a challenge that is common among startups. Each episode also features a guest expert to weigh in on the challenge. 

About Rashad Moore:

  • Founder and Investor at Score 3 Angels

Key Quotes from Rashad Moore:

  • “Let me do $1,000 a company and now that’s $30,000 total over five or six years, that’s a Prius. Right? Right. That’s a, that’s a Honda accord. That’s, that’s attainable and financially responsible. Right. So I’m like, look, if you’re driving, if you’re driving a, any SUV, then you can be an Angels investor.”
  • “If you think about the national income, household income is roughly only like $50,000 or $60,000 a year. We need to be cognizant of that as well. Um, but I will say though, I guess the ultimate point is that there are way more people who could be investing in private companies as an accredited investor then, then the, then our population gives us credit for, if that makes sense.”
  • “I mean, the rule of thumb is you should be able to lose it and not be stressed if you did lose it.”
  • “If I didn’t make any money any of the companies ever invested in… I’ve learned so much in just working with some of the world’s best entrepreneurs.”
  • “So you also have to remember the Angels Investors. We do this in our spare time, it’s not our main job. It’s not what we get paid to do.”
  • “There’s only gonna be one big winner in each of these categories or two of each of the different categories. So if you invest in five companies and who are doing media hosting or something like that, then well, you’ve kind of over-indexed in that space a little too much.”
  • “Your ability to raise money fast does not necessarily correlate to how successful of a company you’re going to be.”

Key Takeaways from Rashad Moore:

  • 01:01    Xina’s intro.
  • 01:35    Rashad Moore’s background.
  • 03:01    How did Rashad begin investing?
  • 11:02    Who invited you?
  • 13:54    Do you meet the requirements to be an accredited investor?
  • 19:53    Accredited Investors are?
  • 31:48    The rule of thumb.
  • 33:59    Money back guarantee?
  • 38:05    Decisions on investments.
  • 41:09    The Fair Shot Doctrine.
  • 43:48    What do you look for in a pitch? Do you pass on to your network?
  • 53:48    What can Entrepreneurs get from Angels that they might not get from          VC’s?
  • 1:07:00 Most Entrepreneurs do not understand the numbers.
  • 1:10:13 What would you do differently as an Investor? What advice do you have for new Investors?
  • 1:17:14 Outro

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